“Parents and grandparents…are the nags of a decent world,” writes Stuart Muszynski in his book SEARCHING FOR VALUES: A Grandmother, a Grandson and the Discovery of Goodness (Hiram College, 2005). Published in connection with National Grandparents Day, Searching for Values argues that we need look no further than our own grandparents to begin a journey that can transform the world.

Muszynski was a successful entrepreneur in Cleveland in the early 1990’s when Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cut short his career. Searching for Values tells the story of how his two grandmothers inspired him to transform his life as he struggled to regain his health.

The book dramatically interweaves Muszynski’s journey with a vivid account of his parents’ and grandmothers’ history in Poland, the life and death choices they made during WWII, and the five heroic Christian families who helped save their lives. Along the way, the author discovers what he stands for and the values he wants to pass to his children and the world’s children.

Searching for Values offers a stirring and thought-provoking read for grandparents, parents and teens as well as readers interested in Jewish or Polish history and World War II. The book can serve as a resource for students and others seeking out their grandparents’ stories.

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