How to Start a Kindness Chain

What happens when you do something kind for someone and they are inspired to be kind to another person in turn? You’ve started a Kindness Chain!

If one of the values you’ve learned from your grandparent’s life story is kindness, an enjoyable next step may be to start a Kindness Chain in your school or choose something kind to do with your grandparent.

In Your School:

  • Ask other students to define kindness and then take actions that fit that definition.
  • Create posters that define kindness and hang them around the school
  • Send another student (or adult) a postcard or note that says “You Make a Difference to Me!” and tells why. Do it every day for a week.
  • IM a kind word about a classmate when someone else writes an unkind one.

Defining Kindness

Here’s how teens from Project Love seminars in urban and suburban high schools have defined kindness.

Kindness is:

Doing something nice without expecting anything back in return
Helping people in need
Cheering up someone who’s down
Being there for a friend
Being a friend
Standing up for someone
Being honest and caring
Respecting people who are different
Seeing people’s uniqueness
Getting along with others
Uniting in friendship
Going out of your way for someone
Letting someone know that you’re grateful
Giving compliments
Looking on the bright side
Respecting others
Respecting others’ property and belongings
Being courteous and polite
Setting an example for others to follow

Get Ideas for Good Deeds
With Grandparents

Download a
“ You Make a Difference” Postcard


Download the
“ You Make a Difference” Letter


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