Educators Promoting Kindness

To Educators:
You can be the key to helping young people and grandparents connect in a meaningful and memorable way. Please accept this challenge and use this web site, the character education resources of Project Love® (, and the book Searching For Values to help build the values of the next generation.

We are posting curriculums that promote intergenerational dialog and values-building for middle school, high school and college students here for your use. We also invite you to post your own experience and suggestions for teaching these subjects on our ‘Teachers’ Bulletin Board.’ If you have a new and related curriculum you would like to post, please contact us.

A Practical Application of Human Values is a comprehensive semester-long or full-year curriculum developed by Hiram College that builds values, principles and problem-solving skills in students or adults. The course includes Searching For Values to illustrate the highest level of giving.

Finally, you may download and print our sheet of inspiring and provocative Searching For Values Chapter Headings for your students. They have already touched off many lively class discussions.

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Creating a "Searching for Values" Project

A Practical Application of Human Values (Hiram)

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A Practical Application of Human Values (Hiram)

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