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A Grandmother, a Grandson and the Discovery of Goodness

“…a touching, brilliant account of one man’s poignant discovery of self, truth, love, and the impact of kindness and goodness. Searching for Values is a must read for everyone and should be required reading for every teen in America. ”

– Gerald R. Molen, Producer, Schindler ’s List

“A very powerful message, grounded in reality, and brought to life with vivid detail....A quick read with invaluable life lessons.”

– Tom Rath, co-author of How Full is Your Bucket?

“Life is a Journey,” writes Stuart Muszynski, “Not a Destination.” So, too, his incredible book becomes an incredible journey taking the reader to the very heart of the meaning of life, helping us to see (or remember) what is of worth in this world. This is a journey you do not want to miss.”

– Dr. Michael J. Bradley, author of Yes, Your Teen is Crazy!

“A story which reminds us of how curses can become blessings and lead us to discover the answers to life’s toughest questions. When love is the answer, conflict ceases.”

– Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

“I’ve learned to hire not just on competence but on character. Searching for Values is a valuable tool in today’s critical discussion about character, values and what’s important in life.”

– Christopher M. Connor, Chairman & CEO, Sherwin Williams Company

“Stuart Muszynski has given us a guide for the goal that so many of us seek – discovering ourselves and our life’s purpose….this book can help us all in our search for values.”

– Ronald M. Shapiro, author of
Bullies, Tyrants & Impossible People – HOW TO BEAT THEM WITHOUT JOINING THEM

“In this warm and wonderful volume, Stuart Muszynski shows how we can make the world a better place by one act of loving kindness at a time.”

– Eric Kodish, M.D., Chair, Bioethics, Cleveland Clinic Foundation

"Young people must find a path to success without sacrificing values and responsibility. Searching for Values will inspire them to choose the path to be both great and good….a valuable tool, which should be of great use to all high school and college educators."

– Tom Chema, President, Hiram College

“Muszynski merges the personal and historical as Searching for Values takes us on two amazing journeys through his own and his family’s past. His book reveals the unique struggles and delights of being Jewish, yet his search for healing, values and connection is universal.”

– Rabbi Leslie Gutterman, Senior Rabbi, Temple Beth-El, Providence, RI

“Stuart Muszynski has written for and to each of us….Life is never easy or fair, but when the struggle is compounded by anti-Semitism, racism, sexism and various forms of human cruelties, the struggle deepens. This book invites all human beings to join the struggle and share the victories great and small.”

– Rev. Dr. Otis Moss, Jr., Pastor, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church

"This engaging story offers insight to people of all ages regarding…the questions of this existence each of us confronts. Stuart makes a compelling case that we should all embark on a ‘discovery of goodness’ during our life voyage. "

– Barbara Byrd-Bennett, CEO, Cleveland Municipal School District

“Searching for Values is filled with tales that will inform and inspire. Everyone who has the privilege of reading this book will be the better for it.”

– Rabbi Dov Peretz Elkins, author of Chicken Soup for the Jewish Soul

“Once I opened this book, I just kept reading. This is a story of connections– across generations, families, religions and cultures. But mostly it is a story of one man's personal journey to do good, promote love and follow his soul's purpose. A compelling, thoughtful and quintessentially Jewish story.”

– Professor Irvine Gersch, School of Psychology, University of East London

“Searching for Values is a spiritual, emotional, and family-based witness to the power of God and the love of God at work in human hearts….With wonderful and startling detail, Mr. Muszynski has lovingly recounted in these stories that ‘with God, all things are possible.’ For believers of all faiths, this story can serve as a meditation upon the movement of God's love that weaves lives together with the invincible thread of faith.”

– Most Reverend Anthony M. Pilla, Bishop of Cleveland, OH

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