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Release Date: May 2005


Cleveland, OH -- Stuart Muszynski, life-long Cleveland resident and author of Searching for Values: A Grandmother, a Grandson and the Discovery of Goodness (Hiram College, 2005), and Leonard Teski of Warsaw, Poland will speak at Joseph Beth Booksellers at Legacy Village on May 9th at 7 pm. Teski’s parents protected Muszynski’s parents and grandmother from the Nazis during WWII. The May 5th book tour launch date at the City Club of Cleveland commemorates Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 60th Anniversary of Liberation. The tour includes events in Cleveland, Boca Raton and Chicago and will build alliances between Jews, Polish Christians and other groups.

Stuart Muszynski is the Co-Founder and CEO of Project Love® Remember the Children Foundation ( Searching for Values interweaves the dramatic story of Stuart and Leonard’s families’ history with the story of Stuart’s journey toward founding Project Love. Together, the two men tell an inspiring story about a cycle of kindness that was begun in pre-war Poland with their two grandmothers and is now spreading kindness to thousands of U.S. teenagers today. Since 1994, Project Love has trained more than 31,000 teens to reduce violence by building a culture of kindness, caring and mutual respect in their schools. Partial proceeds of all book sales benefit Project Love.

At grandchildren will be able to publish stories that describe their grandparents’ acts of kindness, heroism, persistence and courage. The book encourages inter-generational dialogue about values and kindness. Searching for Values is geared toward high school and college students and a general audience. High school and college curricula are now being developed featuring the book.

Release Date: July 2005


Project Love Co-Founder asks teens to share their grandparents’ stories
to promote values in the classroom.

Cleveland, OH--In U.S. high schools 80% of students admit to having actively cheated in the past year. Theft by American small business employees totals nearly $40 billion annually. School coaches nationwide are quitting in record numbers as parents’ misbehavior at kids’ sporting events reaches an all-time high.

Searching for a solution to our culture’s ethics gap, Stuart Muszynski,
Co-Founder of the Cleveland-based character education group Project Love®, argues we need look no further than our own grandparents: “By sharing their life stories with grandchildren in an honest and authentic way, grandparents can transform the values of the next generation.” Muszynski tells the story of how his own grandmother inspired him to transform his life choices in Searching for Values: A Grandmother, a Grandson and the Discovery of Goodness (Hiram College Press, 2005). The book will be published in September in connection with National Grandparents Day.

Both the book and its companion website can serve as resources for educators, grandparents, parents and teens. At grandchildren are invited to learn how to interview grandparents, post grandparents’ life stories on the web, and blog with peers about lessons they’ve learned. Students at Hollywood High (Hollywood, CA) and Beachwood High (Beachwood, OH) will begin using these tools this summer and fall to help research and share their grandparents’ stories.

Muszynski believes his “Goodness Through Grandparents” Initiative can help change headlines for the next generation, “If executives at Enron and WorldCom had asked themselves, ‘What would my grandmother want me to do?’, those companies’ employees would still have their jobs.” Searching for Values will be available in September at bookstores, and directly from Hiram College for $19.95.


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