Good Deeds With Grandparents

Grandparents and grandchildren can have a lot of fun following in the footsteps of Hal Reichle who amused himself by doing good deeds for complete strangers. To get fun ideas and ‘Reichle Cards’ to hand out, visit and click on “What is SSSSH?” Joining SSSSH may lead to the most memorable fun you have together.

Brainstorm other good deeds to do with grandparents (or grandchildren) based on your mutual interests, passions and skills. Activities can include local community projects or efforts with a broader focus.

Some Ideas for Local Projects:

  • Gather toys, clothes or household goods for homeless or battered women’s shelters;
  • Help an elderly family member or friend;
  • Get involved with Rotary Club, Eagles Club, Kiwanis Club or Habitat for Humanity;
  • Design and paint a mural on a construction site fence (after getting permission, of course);
  • Give a parent a break by babysitting for a few hours together;
  • Enlist friends to spend a few hours cleaning a littered area and go out to eat after.

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