A Practical Application of Human Values

Developed by Roger F. Cram and Hiram College, this course is designed to restore values, principles, and problem-solving abilities to American businesses, youth, families and culture. It is being produced in the following formats:

Military and Corporate Training – Management and Human Relations Seminars
Undergraduate Level College Semester – 48 class hours
High School Teacher Continuing Education Graduate Level Training
High School Semester – 90 class hours
Elementary and Middle School Semesters
Preschool and Kindergarten Exercises
Home Study Internet-Based

Click on the link below to review:
General Course Outline
College Lesson Plan Outline
Sample College Lessons
Definition of New Terms for Course
Description of Level 5 Giving (using Searching for Values)
Description of the Five Levels of Giving

A Practical Application of Human Values

To learn more about this curriculum at all grade levels, contact:

Roger F. Cram

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